GOODINKMAG is an online blog that gives readers the latest in positive news, events, and topics.


Our Story

2011 is the year GOODINKMAG launched as an online blog.  Previous to the blog, there was a printed magazine called Effect Magazine that covered positive, local community topics.


Our mission never changed. We still want to be a light in the community and impact readers one positive story at a time.

Our Mission

We like telling stories and sharing the goodness in the community.

We believe that by sharing positive news, it may encourage others to make a positive impact where they work, play and pray.

Our motto is #shareshowshine

China has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Communications and Public Relations where she has served in state government.

She is the author of two children's book and enjoys creative writing and content production for various media platforms.

She serves as an ambassador for the Stellar Award winning Radio Station YesLordRadio.Com where she is the Director of Social Media and a member of their public relations and media team.

She is co-host to the #5GoodThings Podcast.


Follow China on Instagram at #thesocialmediadiva