Brishundra McGrier: The Art Of Giving-Interview

“Be intentional and obedient. Step out of your comfort zones.”  Those are the words of wisdom offered by Brishundra  McGrier, Independent Director of Thirty-One Gifts.

McGrier is petite and soft-spoken but her interactions with people are bold, direct and purposeful. She is a supporter of women and their projects. She is active in the Columbus community. She’s a member of the Women’s Life Chapter #813 as well as serves as a math tutor to children as owner of  Math Tutoring on the Go.

Learn more about this generous, married mother of two in our latest Q & A.

GM: Tell me about the  mission of your business:

McGrier: Be the give. Giving is part of who we are. It’s in our mission, and we know the most important gift we can ever give is our support, love and encouragement. That’s why we created Thirty-One Gives, a charitable program that empowers girls, women and families by helping them build the confidence and self-esteem needed to live a purposeful, thriving life.

Whenever you shop with Thirty-One, you are part of the Give. Learn how else you can help support our mission at

GM: How many people are on your team?

McGrier: 48. We added 25 in August

GM: Would you consider this your Ministry/Calling?

McGrier: My grandmother’s legacy of giving back has proven to be my calling on this unforeseen journey.

GM: What challenges have you faced with 31 Gifts?

McGrier: I don’t meet my personal goals some times due to not fully implementing the systems that I know work.

GM: How have you dealt with these challenges?

McGrier: I implement power hour to stay focused

GM: What inspires you?

McGrier: My WHY of giving back to help women, girls, and families and my wonderful team.

GM: Give me examples of how you Give Back?

McGrier: Chemo Care Bags – tote full of comforting items for patients going through chemotherapy (children and adults with various forms of cancer)
Fundraising for individuals and organizations that empower women and girls: Femergy, At The Table, Brown Girls Empowering Program, Girls in the Middle. I also donate raffle items to schools and organizations.

To learn more see below:

Brishundra McGrier, Independent Director

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