NO apologies are needed as far as I’m concerned regarding Adele and her request for a do-over when performing the tribute to the late George Michael. She had a rocky start and felt that she needed to start over. I’m totally with her on this. Damn what folks think or how it may have appeared… sometimes you gotta start again to get it right! I applaud her for that. What are your thoughts?  Read More →

I just stopped by real quick to say, you can love her or hate her…BEYONCE did her thang (yes, I said thang) tonight. Her performance paying homage to women and mothers was FLAWLESS, do you hear me? Her speech for her win for Lemonade shut down all the naysayers. There was a method to her madness folks. Every move she made at the Super Bowl, her Lemonade album, her photo shoot with the announcing of her twins was calculated. As she explained, it wasn’t for you… ultimately all her actions were for her children…her legacy. It was about creating positive examples ya’ll. But we knewRead More →

Shout to Chance Rapper who won two Grammys this evening as “Best New Artist.” He proudly gave GOD all the glory for his success and when the time limit music cued to give him a warning to wrap up, Chance made sure he finished his proclamation of the LORD with music still going. “I want to thank GOD for everything that HE accomplished for me and went through with me…”  That’s right! Don’t let nobody interrupt your praise on or off the stage!!Read More →