Rory Charles Graham, better known as Rag’n’Bone Man, is an English singer-songwriter and totally blew me away today as I listened to his first hit single “Human” on the Today Show. His sound is soulful, almost haunting akin to southern-folklore imagery depicted in old photographs. when he sings his voice bellows an aching, yet soothing melody at the same time. It’s so dope!! His debut album, also named Human, was released in February 2017. Go check it out on iTunes!Read More →

March is National Credit Education Month and the saying “Cash is king, but credit is queen” is one that has been on my mind lately. With the recent presidential election and the sweeping changes President Trump has made with the signing of executive orders… if you haven’t already, it’s time to get your financial ducks in a row! The times of “buy now, pay later,” should’ve ended back in the late 90s, so if you are still engaging in money habits that are pushing you deeper in debt take a look at this video and take notes. It may just help you get back on theRead More →