The public celebration of women’s history in this country began in 1978 as “Women’s History Week” in Sonoma County, California. The week including March 8, International Women’s Day, was selected. In 1981, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Rep. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) co-sponsored a joint Congressional resolution proclaiming a national Women’s History Week. In 1987, Congress expanded the celebration to a month, and March was declared Women’s History Month. We had the pleasure of connecting with some wonderful women already and can’t wait to share their stories! Be on the lookout for the March post on our GOODINKMAG Facebook and Instagram pages which will highlight theRead More →

It is GOD’s desire for you to use your gifts to fulfill HIS purpose to make a positive impact in the world. He’s given you all the tools you need. Author Paulo Coelho wrote The Alchemist in only two weeks in 1987 He explained he was able to write at this pace because the story was “already written in his soul.” As a writer I can understand this completely. I wrote my two children’s books in less than a day. I honestly believe that all the tools you need to fulfill certain goals reside in you already. God has gifted you everything you need toRead More →

2018 is approaching and many are contemplating New Year resolutions. You know …the usual. “I promise to be kinder.” “I promise to slow down and take notice of the important things in life.” “I promise to last those last ten pounds.” (Okay…thirty pounds) All of these are great promises and fall right into the resolution playbook. I think this year I will try something different. My resolution for 2018 is to give GOD first place in my life. I know some of you are already commenting. “Humph, GOD IS FIRST in MY life. That’s a fact!” Well, kudos to you. I too have made thisRead More →

“Be intentional and obedient. Step out of your comfort zones.”  Those are the words of wisdom offered by Brishundra  McGrier, Independent Director of Thirty-One Gifts. McGrier is petite and soft-spoken but her interactions with people are bold, direct and purposeful. She is a supporter of women and their projects. She is active in the Columbus community. She’s a member of the Women’s Life Chapter #813 as well as serves as a math tutor to children as owner of  Math Tutoring on the Go. Learn more about this generous, married mother of two in our latest Q & A. GM: Tell me about the  mission of your business:Read More →

Nashville, TN — An all new series of seminars and workshops called THE BLUEPRINT has launched by the Bellamy Group. THE BLUEPRINT is an educational and life inspiring session with multiple award-winning Marketer/Publicist and Stellar Award Nominated Creative BENITA BELLAMY, CEO of The Bellamy Group in Nashville, TN. Benita will offer in-depth relevant information about strategic Marketing and Music Business tactics for artists, ministry administrators, music industry professionals and creatives. These sessions have been created to provide attendees a solid blueprint of proven strategies, accurate policies and procedures, and innovative tools for success in music, arts and ministry. THE BLUEPRINT sessions will be held inRead More →

Dr. Catrina Pullum and her team want you to know that even making a mistake won’t allow you to escape your destiny in this world. They suggest that sometimes the mistake is necessary to guide you on the right path of true happiness. Your past is a chapter in your life. Join them November 17, 2017 for an intimate conversation about Dr. P’s new book. It will be an evening that you do not want to miss. Make sure you register at  Read More →

Dr. Catrina Pullum considers herself blessed after a recent health scare in February when she suffered a stroke. “When the incident happened, I went to a meeting on Monday morning and when I got out of the meeting   I just felt like I was falling,” she explained. ” My leg  was dragging, but I never thought it was a stroke, I just thought it was my nerves.” She continued to work that entire day after her initial symptoms, even trying to sleep it off thinking she’d feel better the next morning. Catrina’s symptoms actually worsened the next day to the point where she fell inRead More →

I watched one of my favorite evangelist yesterday on TV and what he said to me in regards to age and usefulness truly touched my spirit. Lately I’ve been feeling like many of my dreams or talents have to be laid to rest due to me not using them or capitalizing on them in my younger years. Words of late from me have been “That ship has sailed…” But I learned that’s just a cop-out and me not wanting to put in the work. Pastor Charles Stanley of In Touch Ministries in Atlanta, GA reminded me today  as long as we have breath in our bodies,Read More →