Catrina Pullum: Blessings in the Battle

Dr. Catrina Pullum considers herself blessed after a recent health scare in February when she suffered a stroke.

“When the incident happened, I went to a meeting on Monday morning and when I got out of the meeting   I just felt like I was falling,” she explained. ” My leg  was dragging, but I never thought it was a stroke, I just thought it was my nerves.”

She continued to work that entire day after her initial symptoms, even trying to sleep it off thinking she’d feel better the next morning. Catrina’s symptoms actually worsened the next day to the point where she fell in her bathroom.

The married, mother or four wouldn’t be here to share her story today if it weren’t for the quick response of her husband Shawn.  He had recently taken a stroke awareness course at his job and immediately recognized the 4 warnings signs of stroke  using the word  FAST: Face Drooping, Arm Weakness, Speech Difficulty, and Time to call 9-1-1. (for more info on stroke awareness Click Here ) Shawn was able to get the urgent care that she needed.

Catrina, or Dr. P., as she is fondly called, is on the road to recovery and is focusing her attention on her family, raising more attention of the signs of stroke and the causes that matters most to her. She is a long-time advocate  of children and women specifically in the areas of child abuse prevention and human-trafficking awareness and prevention.  She is also works in the entertainment industry creating positive  stories that can be used across many media platforms and hosting networking events that allow other to tap into their God-given purpose.

The Louisiana native who now resides in Dallas, TX has made some adjustments to keep her life balanced, but it hasn’t stifled her passion to help others.  “I’m always wanting to help someone,” said Catrina.

Learn more about Catrina Pullum and her story by checking out the latest 5 Good Things Podcast below:

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