I Got a “Feeling”

A good friend of mine recently decided that she would retire from her job. She’s had thoughts about this in the past, and I would tease her and suggest that she wasn’t going anywhere, plus what would I do without her? Well, now she is truly retiring and I’m happy for her. I told her that she has dedicated more than 30 years of public service, this is the reward. She mentioned that she still felt nervous even after finalizing her decision because she doesn’t know “what’s next” or what to expect, but she’s certain it’s time. My friend said she “just felt it.”

After offering her encouragement and congratulations, I thought about her statement. Sometimes we do just “feel” when it’s time for a change; you know it. The internal signal that indicates time to re-evaluate your direction.

This signal can pertain to your overall life, career, relationships, goals, etc.

When that “feeling” comes what do you usually do? I usually go through a period of restlessness or uncertainty. I have even suppressed the feeling out of fear because who really likes change, right?

The reality is that change is inevitable and fighting it won’t make it go away. Decisions have to be made even when we’re unsure of the outcome. 

Either way, you must choose…on the side of faith or the side of fear. Choose.

I’ll choose fearfully, yet faithful, meaning, I’m naturally afraid of the jump, but I know Jesus is my safety net.

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