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Keke Wyatt Shares Her Story on Centric TV’s “Being”

Keke Wyatt Shares Her Story on Centric TV’s “Being”

R&B singer Ke’Tara Shavon “Keke” Wyatt wore her heart on her sleeve on the April 8, episode of “Being” on Centric TV to reveal the struggles she experienced growing up in order to get viewers to understand why she is the woman she is today.

The Indiana native explained that growing up biracial (her mother Lorna Wyatt is white  and her Father Keever Wyatt Sr. is black) caused an identity crisis for her because she wasn’t white enough for white people and not black enough for black people. She played a delicate balancing act trying to find a place to fit in between the two. Keke also shared the devastating effect family violence had on her life.

“The rough stuff at home and the violence at school, just all that kind of stuff… going to church was my real safe haven,” Wyatt expressed during the “Being” episode.

Her gift of music was soon revealed while in church which eventually catapulted her onto the R&B scene as a teen.  Her story on “Being” covers the ups and downs of the music industry, the success and failures of relationships, and her road to restoration and understanding.

You can catch her episode of “Being” on Centric TV,

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