Kelly Price Finds Love After Divorce, Expands Her Entertainment Enterprise and Joins Sunni Gyrl Management Under the Leadership of ‪MC Lyte, Lynn Richardson and Ingrid Morris‬

Renown songstress, songwriter and actress Kelly Price ended a two decade stint of independent management and turned over the reigns of the management of her enterprise to Sunni Gyrl Inc, a boutique management and production firm lead by icon ‪MC Lyte‬ (CEO) and financial expert Lynn Richardson (President/ COO).
Price completes this on the eve of her 25th year in the business.

With Sunni Gyrl’s leadership and day-to-day oversight by the firm’s esteemed Sr Talent and Business Finance Executive Ingrid Morris, a former Fortune 50 controller, Kelly Price will expand her global singing, songwriting, acting, and production catalog and will launch her charity, Look 2 Live Foundation.

“Partnering with Sunni Gyrl was a no brainer for me, says Price. “For years I’ve watched this team of business and entertainment professionals move around and get it done successfully and do it with honesty, integrity, transparency and with the respect of the constituency. That’s so hard to find in this business. I LOVE Lana. She’s always been brilliant and beautiful and eloquent and she just gets better with time. Dr Lynn is “‪A Beautiful Mind‬,” the sequel!! Ingrid is a breath of fresh financial air. The whole team is great: They truly believe a win for one is a win for all. I’m so excited about the future and about what’s already happening on Sunni Gyrl’s watch.  I’m looking forward to growing, expanding, learning and teaching with my new team.”

The firm has already booked global performance appearances from the US and Caribbean to South Africa and London for the first quarter of 2018, is working on a development deal with a Hollywood notable for unscripted and scripted television and movie projects, and is overseeing the release of Kelly’s new book, “Love After Divorce,” which she co-authors with Morris, at the top of 2018.

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