Renewing the Mind and Spirit by Making Christ First — Moving past the Christ-themed attire & accessories

2018 is approaching and many are contemplating New Year resolutions. You know …the usual.

“I promise to be kinder.”

“I promise to slow down and take notice of the important things in life.”

“I promise to last those last ten pounds.” (Okay…thirty pounds)

All of these are great promises and fall right into the resolution playbook.

I think this year I will try something different. My resolution for 2018 is to give GOD first place in my life. I know some of you are already commenting.

“Humph, GOD IS FIRST in MY life. That’s a fact!”

Well, kudos to you. I too have made this same statement, but for me, when I examine my claim more closely, I realize I’ve fallen a little short. My words didn’t match my actions. For example, when I would awaken in the morning my mind is already dressed with layers of thoughts for the day.

Get to work, pick up the kids, post my status to the GRAM, plan dinner….”

By the time I got through those layers, what did I truly have left for the LORD? Yea, I would get a quick prayer during dinner and a bible verse in before bedtime most days, but is that enough? Prov.3: 5-6; says “Acknowledge God in ALL you do and He will guide you in ALL things.”

Wearing the gold-plated cross necklace and “God Got Me” T-shirt AINT cutting it. We must do better. Our words must be followed with true intent and action.   What new Christ-centered moves will you making in 2018?

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