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#Loveisintheair #valentines

Its officially the day that love is celebrated and everyone is breaking out their best efforts to "get it right" for their loved one. Folks are looking for the perfect outfit, the perfect accessories, the special dinner plans etc...

GOODINKMAG would like to help you today by offering you one of the hottest iTunes playlist for Valentines Day.

Let us know if tho sets the mood for you! Be sure to visit iTUNES to download the complete list.


Former President and First Lady Take Much Needed Respite after November Election


#forevermypresident Barack and #forevermyfirstlady Michelle  Obama landed in the British Virgin Islands safely on February 23, for a much needed vacation after a long, hard-fought presidential campaign for Hillary Clinton.

We all know the outcome hence, the reason the Obamas chucked-up the deuces for  a reset.

I wish them well and look forward to them getting back in the community activism game in the near future.  If you haven't already, be sure to check out their new initiative at



Down for the Cause or Nah?

It started with Hillary vs Trump, then Kim Burrell vs the Gay community, then Spike Lee vs Chrisette Michele. and now the Women's March.  The trend seems to be (at least if you follow current pop culture news) if you don't agree with me, I will shame and annihilate you! What's up with that?

Whatever happened to "I beg to differ," or "I agree to disagree...?"  If you are oblivious to what I'm talking about, use Google to catch up. (It's really too exhausting for me to re-rehash...really.)

Nowadays, if you offer  a difference of opinion you risk being publicly shunned and your livelihood basically destroyed.  Isn't the whole theme of our country's democracy wrapped up in the idea of freedom speech, choice, or opinions?

I'm all for people being down for a cause and wanting you to respect their viewpoint. I don't understand how that same courtesy is not reciprocated.

Thanks goodness most folks don't have the keys to heaven or hell, or else there would be a lot of misplaced people...ijs.